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Two effective new tools—"The Voice Actor's Toolkit" and Voice Labs own
Virtual Voice-over®
customizable demo tracks—will help you achieve
a money-making career using the uniqueness of your speaking voice.

There's no other voice training package like it on the planet . . .
And it's priced at only $125.00! You can't beat this value.

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Make the money you want in voice acting for radio or TV . . .
videos or multimedia programs . . .
training or motivational presentations . . .
movies or theatrical productions, and more. Now you can learn how to maximize your voice talent, bring it to life, and succeed
in this exciting business!

"The Voice Actor's Toolkit"

"The Voice Actor's Toolkit" is a comprehensive 2-CD and companion Toolkit Workbook set that's packed with voice exercises, lessons, tips, secrets, a "7 Days to Voice Acting" instruction program, marketing techniques, and a wide variety of Virtual Voice-over® customizable voice over demo tracks that you'll use to create your own professional-sounding demo.

A user-friendly teaching package, "The Voice Actor's Toolkit" contains extensive input from noted professionals in the field: voice actors, copywriters, recording engineers, and producers, representing accumulated experience for clients ranging from Disney to DreamWorks to MTV. The insider knowledge you obtain from these perspectives will give you valuable insight, skills, and confidence to thrive in your voice acting career.

Get "The Voice Actor's Toolkit" with the Included
Virtual Voice-over® Customizable Voice Over Demo Tracks

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Virtual Voice-overs are the easiest, quickest, and the most economical way to have a professional-sounding voice over demo! Use the Virtual Voice-over® customizable voice over demo tracks to produce your demo, and then e-mail it to us. Our knowledgeable support team will give you a complete evaluation of your demo absolutely free!

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1.   The Voice Actor's Toolkit
Get the Most Out of Your Voice!
The business of voice acting, or performing voice-over, can offer great professional opportunities as a highly paid career or as an additional income source. The choice is yours! “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” with the included Virtual Voice-over® karaoke demo tracks can help you develop and maximize your voice so you can get the voiceover work and money you want.
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