!In the voice acting world, you’re only as good as your voice-over demo.

!“The Virtual Voice-overs alone makes ‘The Voice Actor’s Toolkit’ indispensable”—André Mika, Walt Disney Studios

Discover the Voice Actor's Newest Demo and Marketing Tool:
Virtual Voice-over® Customizable Voice-Over Demo Tracks

Professional producers may scan through hundreds of demos before hiring voice talent. After a while, demos can begin to sound alike. Will your demo stand out from the crowd? Will it do a good job of showcasing your vocal talents? It will if you use Virtual Voice-overs to get an edge over the competition.

Virtual Voice-over® customizable demo tracks are the easiest, quickest, and most economical way to have a professional-sounding voice over demo.

Not only do Virtual Voice-overs help to make a great voice acting demo, but also they are the perfect “training wheels.” It’s more exciting and fun to learn when you’re hearing your voice along with music, sound effects, and other elements contained in the Virtual Voice-overs than with your voice alone. Virtual Voice-overs give you greater opportunity to experiment and maximize your voice abilities while giving you support. You can use a CD player and tape recorder, multitrack tape recorder, multitrack computer program, and if you have a karaoke machine or karaoke software, even better! Virtual Voice-overs are in CD+G format so you can read the script on your system’s screen.

Each of the Virtual Voice-overs provided in “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” has two sections. First, you’ll hear the example section of a Virtual Voice-over® performed by professional talent. Next is the performance section including background music and sound effects, but without the example voice-over talent. All you have to do is add your voice!

While some audio production facilities provide custom-made voice-over demos for hundreds or thousands of dollars, we offer a simple, effective tool that puts you on a quick path to your own professional voice-over demo: Virtual Voice-overs. By utilizing the Virtual Voice-overs in “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” to produce your demo, you will be ready for your rewarding career as a professional voice actor!

Virtual Voice-overs are professionally written, edited, and premixed with music, sound effects, and other elements. Scripts are included in the companion workbook, and example sections containing various professional voice actors help give you a starting point on how to perform. Virtual Voice-overs are even in CD+G format for playing on karaoke systems. You’ll have no worries about writing or obtaining scripts, music, or sound effects, along with the copyright and possible infringement problems associated. Virtual Voice-overs are royalty-free.

A custom-produced, 60-second voice-over demo can cost $500 or more!
Plus, Virtual Voice-over® customizable demo tracks offer a convenient, inexpensive way to supplement an existing demo. You can’t beat this value!

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Virtual Voice-overs are the easiest, quickest, and the most economical way to have a professional-sounding voice over demo! Use the Virtual Voice-over® customizable voice over demo tracks to produce your demo, and then e-mail it to us. Our knowledgeable support team will give you a complete evaluation of your demo absolutely free!


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The business of voice acting, or performing voice-over, can offer great professional opportunities as a highly paid career or as an additional income source. The choice is yours! “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” with the included Virtual Voice-over® karaoke demo tracks can help you develop and maximize your voice so you can get the voiceover work and money you want.
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