“A must-have for anyone wanting to start out or further his career in the voice talent business.”—Scott Innes, longtime voice actor for Hanna-Barbera’s Shaggy and Scooby-Doo characters

“The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” can show you how to get the most out of your voice in an entertaining way. You won’t hear some dry, boring announcer or a recording of a live seminar containing useless dead space. No way! This efficient teaching tool demonstrates voice acting the way it should be taught, with audio containing music, sound effects, multiple voices, and production that text in a book simply can’t convey. But if you love to read, don’t worry! We’ve also included a companion workbook.

This jam-packed 2-CD and Toolkit Workbook set gives you tips, secrets, voice exercises,
a “7 Days to Voice Acting” voice training program, marketing techniques, and a wide variety
of Virtual Voice-over® customizable voice over demo tracks you can choose from to create your own professional-sounding demo.

14 Lessons for the Aspiring Voice Actor

“The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” is a user-friendly teaching package containing extensive input from noted professionals in the field: voice actors, copywriters, producers, and recording engineers, representing accumulated experience for clients ranging from Disney to DreamWorks to MTV. The insider knowledge you obtain from these perspectives will give you valuable insight, skills, and confidence to thrive in the business of voice acting.

Here’s a brief overview of the subject matter contained in the 14 audio lessons of
“The Voice Actor’s Toolkit”:

1. Introduction—Get a good perspective on the market for voice actors and an explanation of what “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” is intended to accomplish.

2. The 14 Essentials for a Great Voice—It’s an amazing revelation to speak into a recorder for the first time and then listen to what you’ve recorded. If you’re like most people, your reaction can be summarized into three little words: “Wow, that’s me?” Whether you fill those three words with exhilaration or disappointment, this lesson is designed to help you understand why. The companion workbook provides a rating sheet of the 14 essentials for a great voice organized in categories and order of importance, and the CD provides a detailed explanation of each essential along with examples of what to avoid. You’ll gain a complete understanding of how to listen critically and learn how to make your voice sound marketable.

3. Getting Started—Receive a comprehensive audio tutorial on the vocabulary of the voice acting/voice over profession. While you listen, you can refer to the glossary of terms in the toolkit workbook. Also learn other basics to prepare you for your profitable career.

4. The Business—Here are some valuable secrets, techniques, and pointers that all good voice actors should be familiar with, but many aren’t. Stay ahead of the pack with your business dealings by using this section.

5. Working the Mic—Just as your voice is an expressive instrument, so is the microphone. Learn the correct techniques to make the microphone work in your favor and capture exactly what you’re wanting.

6. Interpretation—Interpretation is the melodic element of speaking. Not only is this lesson a gold mine of valuable information about interpretation, but it also covers other voice-over components such as emotional tone, phrasing, pitch, breathing, rhythm, inflection, and more.

7. Reading to Time—A stunning performance of a 30-second read won’t work if it’s supposed to be done in 23 seconds. The critical ability to perform a great read within the specified length of time is prized in the industry. How can too much copy be performed without sounding rushed? On the other hand, how can too little be read without sounding dull and lifeless? The solutions are carefully the voice actors toolkit voice over training voice acting onexplained and analyzed from the viewpoint of the voice-over talent.
To keep the fun going, we’ve devised a game in this lesson that helps develop the skill of reading to time.

8. Studio Magic—Have you ever heard something sound really interesting and then wonder, “How did they do that?” Dynamic compression, pitch shifting, time compression/expansion, equalization, punching in/out, and more technological tricks of the trade for voice-over recording sessions are covered in this lesson. Examples complement the areas discussed.

9. The Recording Session—Have you ever been to a professional recording studio? In the voice acting profession, chances are that you’ll work in one at least once. Your first voice-over session at a recording studio—a techie-sexy environment of form and function—can be a thrilling yet intimidating experience. Don’t worry! Listening to this detailed, perceptive narrative about what transpires in a recording session is the closest thing you can find to actually being there.

10. Taking Direction—Wise counsel is offered to the beginning voice actor on working with a producer and an audio engineer during a recording session. You’ll learn what to bring, what to expect, what to ask, and what to listen for. Learn the tips in this lesson and you might just have the producer and engineer thinking you’re a mind reader!

11. Making Your Demo—The prospective voice actor is advised on the specifics of making a demo, including the use of Virtual Voice-overs. Topics include organizing and cataloging your voice work, what should be on your first demo, organizing and how to expand and keep track of future demos, media duplication, what information every demo should contain, and more.

12. Marketing Yourself—You may be the best new voice actor, but if no one knows it, you’re shortchanging yourself. This is an excellent real-world explanation about how to market yourself as a voice actor. It covers such topics as whether or nor to obtain an agent, whether or not to join a union, which types of businesses to contact to hear your demo, how to contact potential clients, using different marketing tactics including the Internet, and determining how much you will charge for your services.

13. 7 Days to Voice Acting —A concise, seven-day training program takes you through a structured series of exercises designed to bring out the full range in your voice, maximize your talent, and have fun as you're doing it.

14. Using the Virtual Voice-overs—Here is an explanation of how to practice for recording a demo by using the Virtual Voice-over® customizable demo tracks. After practicing sufficiently, you as a beginning voice actor can record and produce your demo at home or schedule a recording session at a local audio studio.

Comprehensive Voice Acting Training and Customizable Demo Tracks!
It's the Best Purchase That You Can Make towards Your Voice Acting Career

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Here’s the bottom line…
Voice acting is a profession like any other. It requires skill and dedication, but your actual time spent in a recording session may be small compared to the big money you could receive. And if you’re with a union, then it’s possible to get paid again and again after your initial payment. These extra payments are called residuals. Imagine that! Additional money paid to you without your having to do any additional work! How great can that be? Voice acting is, very simply, a great business to be in! And “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” and Virtual Voice-over® customizable demo tracks are a great product. Talk about an entertaining and efficient teaching package. Talk about a value that you can’t find anywhere else. Get “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” and “talk your way into the world’s greatest job!”

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The business of voice acting, or performing voice-over, can offer great professional opportunities as a highly paid career or as an additional income source. The choice is yours! “The Voice Actor’s Toolkit” with the included Virtual Voice-over® karaoke demo tracks can help you develop and maximize your voice so you can get the voiceover work and money you want.
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